The Best Gloves for Sweaty Hands

If you work in a job that requires gloves as a safety measure, there is no way around wearing them—but we understand how unpleasant that can be if you have chronically sweaty hands. You constantly worry that the sweat will loosen your gloves. Luckily, some gloves are better suited for managing hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) than others. Here are a few handy guidelines for picking disposable gloves that don’t make your hands sweat.

No-Sweat Disposable Glove Materials

The thinner a glove is, the less likely you are to sweat while wearing them. The three primary disposable glove materials are all relatively thin. Latex gloves will do the trick for most tasks—they allow for more flexibility, dexterity, and sensitivity than other types. However, if your hands sweat in latex gloves, you’re better off going with nitrile gloves. They’re slightly thicker than latex gloves, but still fairly thin and allergy-friendly to boot.

Vinyl gloves are still made of the thinnest material of them all, making vinyl gloves great for hyperhidrosis. This material is best suited for jobs like food handling and custodial work, however. Vinyl gloves aren’t great for medical environments, tattooing, or anything that might expose your hands to sharp objects or harsh chemicals.

Other Things to Remember

You might be curious to know how exactly thin gloves mitigate sweat. Although they don’t fix the airflow problem, the thin material ensures that the gloves don’t trap so much heat inside.

Thin gloves come in handy when you have sweaty hands. However, they are not as durable since they are made with less material. They are also not as chemical-resistant as thicker alternatives. Therefore, if your job involves handling chemicals, you will need thicker gloves. You might consider reusable gloves in such a situation since they are often thicker than disposable gloves, giving them better chemical and puncture resistance. The downside is reusable gloves offer a lower level of touch sensitivity. 

Do Sweaty Hands Pose Greater Risk?

Sweaty hands are unpleasant to begin with, but they also pose a safety concern. With sweaty hands, your gloves are more likely to slip, so you could lose your grip while working.

Besides that, hyperhidrosis while wearing gloves increases your risk of long-term health concerns. Since single-use gloves create an impenetrable barrier, the sweat gets trapped against your skin, potentially exposing you to bacteria, fungi, and skin irritation. 

Additional Tips on Using Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Once you’ve bought the right pair of gloves for sweaty hands, you need to put them on correctly to get the most out of them. Be sure to wash your hands with mild soap and cold water beforehand. You might also consider putting on a pair of fabric glove liners underneath.

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