Food Service/Prep Gloves

Food service is perhaps the industry that touches our lives most often in the United States. With more than 350,000 food service workers, the industry has jobs ranging from food testing and development to the restaurant and hospitality workers who prepare and serve our meals. To ensure both safety and quality across this diverse and dynamic workforce, food service and preparation gloves are a mainstay.

Glove America sells and manufactures safe and disposable food service gloves in bulk. Read on to learn more about the different types of food-grade gloves available from our online store, who uses them, and how Glove America can help keep your kitchens and dining rooms safe.

Who Works in Food Service and Prep?

The food service and prep industry in the U.S. is made up mostly of women, with an average age of 32. These crucial workers rely on disposable food prep gloves to ensure that we get safe, uncontaminated food for ourselves and our families. We’re proud to do our part in supporting that mission by providing food handlers with the gloves they need.

What Types of Jobs Do Food Service and Prep Workers Do?

Food service and food prep workers are employed just about anywhere that serves or prepares food: in restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, manufacturing plants, and commercial kitchens, among other places. Though there are a wide variety of workplaces and job requirements involved, one thing never changes, and that’s that safety is the top priority of the food service industry.

Wherever safety is a must, Glove America is there. Here’s more information about the best types of disposable food preparation gloves and how to order them in bulk.

What Types of Gloves Are Best for Food Service?

Some of the best food-safe gloves are also some of the most common. Latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves are all considered food safe—as long as they’re powder free. It’s important to keep in mind that latex allergies are common, so a synthetic option like nitrile or vinyl are good to have on hand in your commercial kitchen as well.

While there are currently no nationwide rules requiring people to wear gloves for food handling, laws and regulations vary by state and municipality, and many kitchens opt to require gloves anyway. When it comes to handling food, our belief is that you can’t be too safe. Gloves are a great way to guarantee safety, and if you’re interested in taking your efforts a step further, explore our other PPE options like bouffant caps.

Glove America sells all varieties of food-grade gloves in a range of colors, materials, and quantities. We even offer wall-mounted dispensers to streamline your kitchen operations even more.

Why Glove America?

Whether you’re serving inventive street food from a food truck, prepping classic recipes in a hotel kitchen, or making sure school kids get a healthy and delicious lunch, Glove America is here with the food handling gloves that fit your needs. For decades, we’ve been a manufacturer and distributor of protective gloves that are vital to many of our society’s most important job functions, and we’ve built a reputation for great service and reliable quality.

Our central location allows us to quickly and efficiently ship our products from Oklahoma to anywhere in the United States, and our skilled staff makes sure every order arrives on time. In most cases, you’ll have your gloves in just a few days. Order food service gloves for your kitchen today.