Medical/Healthcare Gloves

With more than 22 million workers in the United States, healthcare is a robust and ever-growing job sector. While doctors and nurses are the most visible, there are thousands of roles involved in keeping our healthcare systems working, from skilled technicians to janitorial service providers, hospital food workers, and even medical equipment and pharmaceutical sales professionals.

Glove America is committed to taking care of the people who fill those roles, providing the tools they need to successfully treat those in their care. Making sure patients are in good hands means making sure healthcare providers have all the disposable medical gloves they need.

Who Are Hospital Gloves For?

Our healthcare industry does more than just treat our illnesses—it stimulates our economy, it attracts aspiring medical workers from all over the world, and it touches all of our lives at one point (or many points).

So, who are our healthcare workers? We provide medical exam gloves to other professionals besides doctors and surgeons. Everyone from specialists like audiologists, who treat and manage hearing issues, to the assistants and orderlies who keep our healthcare spaces clean and help our patients move around depend on surgical gloves. Because of the numerous people who need to keep their hands clean in a facility, it’s cost-effective for healthcare organizations to purchase medical exam gloves in bulk.

Types of Surgical Gloves

Not all doctors gloves are made equal, so when purchasing medical exam gloves wholesale, it’s important to know which kind you’ll use the most. Here’s a rundown of the various types of hospital gloves and their purposes.

Latex gloves are one of the most common types of exam gloves. They’re used for cases where virus or bacteria protection is the number one concern. They’re tight-fitting but comfortable, made of biodegradable materials, and used in a variety of exam settings, though they may not be ideal for all situations or individuals.

Nitrile gloves can pick up where latex leaves off, since they’re thicker, made of a nonallergenic synthetic rubber, and can stand up to punctures and most chemicals (though they’re not as effective against viruses). They’re best for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Vinyl gloves are lightweight, general-use gloves that are most commonly used for food handling and aren’t approved as medical gloves. Chloroprene, or neoprene, gloves are often used as a synthetic alternative to latex gloves. They’re FDA-approved for use in medical settings, but come at a cheaper price point without sacrificing safety.

Why Order Medical Exam Gloves From Glove America?

If you go with Glove America when it comes time to order disposable medical gloves for your hospital, office, or clinic, you’ll be going straight to the source. We’ve been trusted American surgical gloves manufacturers for decades, and we’re grateful for the strong relationships we’ve built with the American healthcare industry.

We have several quantities of medical gloves for sale, depending on your needs. Whether you’re ordering cases of 1,000 latex gloves for your OR or you just need a few nitrile gloves to have on hand for jobs involving heavy chemicals, you can expect fast shipping, friendly service, and quality products.

When a physician enters an exam room and reaches for their medical exam gloves, Glove America is there. When our trusted hospital food service workers serve the nourishment patients and their families need, it’s Glove America that keeps things sanitary. Our healthcare workers are an integral part of our society, and we take pride in supporting them in caring for America’s patients.