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The SureCare nitrile exam gloves manufactured by Glove America are available in various sizes, strengths, and colors. All of our products are FDA-approved, so you can count on the highest quality despite our cheap nitrile glove prices.

What Are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber and do not contain any latex. If you have a latex allergy or expect to touch patients or customers who may be allergic to latex, nitrile gloves offer excellent protection without any discomfort. Nitrile gloves also have increased puncture resistance and are better able to resist a range of chemicals, significantly reducing the risk of chemical injuries or contamination while cleaning or in medical settings, labs, factories, tattoo parlors other locations.

Although latex gloves were the most popular glove type for decades because of their superior comfort and flexibility, improved manufacturing technology has helped nitrile gloves close the gap in those areas. Nitrile gloves are also generally cheaper to produce than latex because they’re made from synthetic rubber rather than natural resources that aren’t always in plentiful supply.

Why Glove America?

Glove America has been manufacturing and distributing nitrile gloves to thousands of businesses nationwide for decades. When you’re buying our SureCare products, you’re buying nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer, which has several advantages. Cutting out the middleman enables us to keep our prices affordable and ship orders quickly. We can also maintain a consistently large inventory, where other suppliers may fall short in times of peak demand.

Because of our central location in Oklahoma, we can distribute our disposable gloves to all 50 states faster than our competition. Most of our orders ship on the same day and will arrive anywhere in the contiguous United States within four days, reaching Hawaii and Alaska in seven days or less. We also promise the best customer service in the business—when you call us with questions, you can bet a natural person will answer.

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You can buy nitrile gloves online in single boxes of 100 gloves or cases of 10 packages (each case contains 1,000 nitrile gloves). Place your order today to receive cheap nitrile gloves in bulk, or call 1.800.476.9657 for a quote.