Lab Coat

Disposable PPE lab coats reduce the risk of contamination and help maintain a clean environment. They provide high-level protection and shield wearers from potential hazards. SureCare single-use lab coats are designed to provide lightweight comfort and protection at an economical price. You can count on us to supply quality disposable PPE lab coats at a competitive price. Order your bulk case of 50 SureCare single-use lab coats from Glove America today. You can also contact us with any questions or to find out more.


Lab coats establish professionalism in the workplace and instantly elevate any setting. The poly spunbond material resists accidental spills or splashes, and the white color provides a clinical appearance that exposes foreign matter. Some of the features of SureCare disposable PPE lab coats include:

  • Lightweight and breathable: Poly spunbond material provides maximum comfort and protection.
  • Elasticized wristbands: Wristbands with elastic ensure a snug, protective fit.
  • Collared neck: The collar provides greater protection while maintaining a professional appearance.
  • 5-button front closure: With 5-button closure, PPE lab coats are easy to put on and remove.
  • Clinical appearance: White lab coat PPE reaffirms professionalism.
  • Designed for single use: These are bulk packaged to be an economical choice.
  • Available in sizes M-3XL: Five sizes are available to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort.


PPE Lab Coats — The Professionals’ Choice

Whether you work with hazardous materials, chemicals or biological agents, disposable PPE lab coats offer outstanding protection and convenience. There is no need for cleaning or possible cross-contamination since PPE coats are discarded after each use. SureCare PPE lab coats are manufactured with the wearer in mind to provide a professional appearance with ultimate comfort.