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    Protective arm sleeves are thick-knit sleeves, usually worn with protective gloves, that allow you to work in tight spaces or with sharp objects without fear of cutting your skin. The materials used to make these sleeves may vary depending on the strength your work calls for, but millions of workers in many industries rely on protective sleeves to do their jobs safely. In addition to the disposable gloves we’re known for, Glove America has PPE protective sleeves for sale at affordable prices. You can find everything you need for your team to work safely at our online store.

  • Cut Resistant Sleeves – 18″

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What Are PPE Protective Sleeves?

PPE arm sleeves are made from a variety of tough materials, but the most common is a high-tenacity filament yarn that’s tough enough to protect you and flexible enough to allow you to do your job with ease and comfort. These types of sleeves offer up to 650 grams of cut resistance. Other more heavy-duty sleeve materials include Kevlar, SteelCore, and fire-resistant materials.

Who Uses Protective Sleeves?

Many different kinds of professionals rely on cut-resistant protective arm sleeves to do their jobs confidently. Mechanics can reach deep under the hood, metal workers can hold their materials safely, and glass handlers can conduct their work without fear of getting cut. Aside from industrial workers, farmers often rely on these sleeves to handle animals without having to watch out for errant claws and horns. Other industries that depend on PPE protective sleeves include maintenance, utilities, and recycling. Of course, if you’re an at-home gardener or DIYer, you may find protective sleeves useful as well.

Buy PPE Arm Sleeves Online

You have options when it comes to buying protective sleeves online, but Glove America’s friendly service, affordable prices, and fast shipping should make your choice easy. We stock level-2 cut-resistant sleeves that are knit in a single layer and have tapered ends to ensure they stay up and stay comfortable. They also have patented Stayzup elastic bands at the arm openings so they won’t slip down while you work. However, our protective sleeves are not suitable for any work involving flames or sparks.

Because of their applications, protective sleeves tend to wear out after a period of around three to six months when used regularly, so it’s important to buy them in bulk so you always have them when you need them. We’ve got protective sleeves for sale in three sizes, and at $8.75 each, it’s convenient to stock up on a bunch at once. If you’re looking for more protective gear, we also offer PPE headgear and disposable gloves.

Why Glove America?

Our central location in Oklahoma allows us to guarantee fast shipping to just about anywhere in the Lower 48—you don’t usually have to wait more than a few days for your order. While we have long specialized in manufacturing and providing the gloves that doctors, dentists, law enforcement, and other essential industries rely on, we’re pleased to offer additional PPE items like head covers and cut-resistant sleeves now as well.

Order PPE Arm Sleeves Wholesale From Glove America

If you’re in the market for reliable, comfortable, mid-weight protective sleeves, get in touch with us today. We offer easy online ordering, fast shipping, and quality products that are tested and proven to keep you safe at work, whatever your job calls for.