Vinyl Apron

Vinyl Apron, 28″x48″

PPE disposable aprons provide versatile front-of-body protection to workers in health care, laboratories, law enforcement, manufacturing and food industry settings. The easy-to-don design creates an instant clean barrier that safeguards wearers and prevents contamination. Staff in various industries feel safe and protected when shielded by quality single-use disposable aprons. You can trust Glove America to provide reliable protection at an economical price. Contact us with any questions and place your order today for SureCare PPE disposable aprons.


Providing quality PPE is essential to ensure worker and product safety. SureCare PPE aprons are designed to be comfortable to wear while not compromising on reliable protection. Features of our PPE aprons include:

  • One-size-fits-most design: The one-size-fits-most design makes them simple to order and use.
  • Pullover neck loop: These aprons can be slipped on easily.
  • Waist ties: Waist ties offer a customized, comfortable fit for wearers.
  • Tear away to remove: Simply tearing the apron away helps avoid contamination while removing it.
  • Single-use: These aprons are single-use, so they offer reliable protection from cross-contamination.
  • Meets or exceeds FDA Standards for Food Contact: You will get optimal protection for staff and products.
  • Available in bulk in two colors: You can choose from blue or white, and they are available in cases of 1,000.


The versatile applications of plastic PPE aprons are unrivaled. Workers in various settings appreciate the security that wearing clean, protective plastic aprons provides. Glove America makes ordering top-quality SureCare PPE disposable aprons quick and convenient by packaging them in cases of 1,000 so you can stock up in bulk.