Personal Protective Equipment

Glove America is best known for manufacturing high-quality disposable gloves that protect both employees and the public in a variety of professional settings, from medical facilities to sandwich shops. Gloves are an essential component of personal protective equipment (PPE), but other gear may be necessary to ensure safety and sanitation in your environment to the fullest extent. Learn more about the kinds of safety equipment accessories available from our online store.

Now you can get all the gear you need from one place by ordering PPE equipment accessories from Glove America. Our safety accessories are just as reliable and affordable as our glove products, and we can ship them to any location in the United States within a week (usually much sooner).

What Is PPE Gear?

PPE is equipment that’s specifically designed to keep employees, patients, and customers safe in work spaces. Whether it’s headgear for cafeteria workers, masks for hospital staff, or cut-resistant sleeves in a workshop, personal protective gear is important for everyone’s health and peace of mind.


Glove America offers PPE headgear in the form of disposable bouffant caps. These caps are common in the food service industry and in healthcare environments such as surgical rooms, where they prevent hair from falling into someone’s food or contaminating a sterile operating area. Our PPE headgear accessories are available in bulk and come in a variety of colors.

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If you’ve already invested in work gloves to keep your employees safe from cuts and punctures on the job, buying PPE sleeves is a logical next step. We sell affordable cut-resistant work sleeves made from high-quality filament yarn. They are stretchy yet fitted, so they can accommodate different arm sizes while still fitting tightly enough to ensure comfort and safety.

Our sleeves have a small hole for the thumb and a larger hole for the rest of the hand to fit through—once the sleeve is on, a glove can be layered snugly on top of it. In addition, the material is lightweight and breathable, so employees can layer a work sleeve under a long-sleeved shirt or work jacket and not have to worry about getting too hot.

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Order PPE Accessories in Bulk From Glove America

Since these safety equipment and accessories are essential in the workplace, we offer bulk ordering because we know that employees can run through these products fast. Both sizes of bouffant caps come in assorted colors, and they are shipped in cases that contain 10 boxes of 100 individual caps. Similarly, our PPE sleeves come in cases that contain 10 boxes of 100 individual sleeves.

By selling our products in bulk, we’re able to offer you the lowest prices on the market for the highest-quality PPE equipment accessories available. Order our PPE gear today to ensure the safest environment possible for your employees and clients.