Gloves By Thickness

At Glove America, we offer a variety of disposable gloves designed to meet the needs of different industries and applications. One of the factors to consider when choosing the right glove is its thickness also known as mil thickness, as it can impact the gloves' protective properties and level of comfort. Here are the four main thickness groups of gloves that we offer.


Light Duty Gloves

These gloves are typically thinner and more flexible, making them ideal for applications that require dexterity and sensitivity, such as food handling, light cleaning, and salon usage. They offer basic protection against dirt, mild chemicals and contamination. Light duty gloves are usually 4 mil thick or less.

General Duty Gloves

These gloves are thicker than light duty gloves, typically ranging from 5-7 mils. They offer increased protection against chemicals and other harmful substances, making them ideal for tasks such as automotive work, janitorial work, general cleaning, light industrial and light healthcare and exam-grade applications.

High-Risk, Heavy Duty Gloves

These gloves are made from thicker materials, usually ranging from 8-12 mils, and offer excellent protection against punctures, cuts, and chemicals. They are designed for high-risk applications such as handling hazardous chemicals, dealing with sharp objects and medical procedures. They are commonly used in industries such as healthcare, laboratory and manufacturing.

Extra Heavy Duty Gloves

These gloves are the thickest disposable and reusable gloves, usually being of 13 mil thickness or more. They offer the highest level of protection against harsh chemicals, corrosives, biohazardous materials and other dangerous substances. Extra heavy duty gloves are ideal for extreme industrial, manufacturing and healthcare applications and are available in multiple colors, materials and sizes.

Order Disposable Gloves Online From Glove America

At Glove America, we offer a wide variety of disposable gloves in each of these thicknesses, so you can find the right gloves for your specific needs. Whether you need light duty gloves for food handling or extra heavy duty gloves for heavy industrial applications, we have you covered. Our gloves are designed to provide the highest level of protection, comfort, and durability, and our team is always available to help you find the perfect gloves for your needs.

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