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    For many years, latex gloves have been the dominant type of disposable glove on the market. Disposable latex gloves were the norm in operating rooms across the nation by the 1960s, becoming popular solutions for other applications thereafter. They offer a high degree of flexibility, protection, and comfort, making them a top choice for many environments when latex allergies aren’t a concern.

    If you’re looking to buy latex gloves online, you’ve come to the right place. Order your latex gloves wholesale from Glove America, a leading manufacturer of disposable gloves in the United States. You can purchase boxes or cases of our SureCare latex gloves from our store and we’ll ship them anywhere in the country within days. Buying our latex gloves in bulk is the cheapest way to get the products you need with a guaranteed high quality. View our selection of latex exam gloves below.


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Buy Latex Gloves Online

SureCare latex exam gloves, manufactured by Glove America, are available in a range of sizes and strengths. All of our products are FDA-approved, so you can count on receiving the highest-quality latex gloves while still staying within your budget.

What Are Latex Gloves?

Extracted from the rubber tree, latex is a natural material with a level of elasticity that makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. It was first used in gloves in the late 1800s and continues to be a leading choice for disposable gloves. Latex gloves offer a significant amount of dexterity, are thin, and have a tight fit, making them feel like a second skin. The wearer retains a high degree of touch sensitivity with latex exam gloves on, which is key for more intricate tasks.

Thanks to the physical qualities of natural rubber latex, disposable latex gloves are extraordinarily elastic and resistant to tearing. They even protect against dangers like biohazards and pathogens, as well as some chemicals. For these reasons, latex exam gloves are common in medical environments and for custodial work and other cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, they have been known to cause rashes and even more serious issues in people with latex allergies—if you’re concerned about an allergic reaction to latex, order vinyl or nitrile gloves instead.

About Glove America

For decades, businesses have relied on Glove America to manufacture and distribute their disposable latex gloves. You buy latex gloves directly from the manufacturer when you purchase our SureCare products, and that has many advantages. Handling our own distribution keeps our prices competitive and helps us ship orders quickly. We also make a point of maintaining a consistently large inventory, where other suppliers may fall short in times of peak demand.

We can distribute our disposable gloves throughout all 50 states quickly thanks to our central location in Oklahoma. We ship most of our orders on the same day—your order will arrive in the contiguous United States within four days and will reach Hawaii and Alaska in seven days or less. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us anytime during business hours and reach a real person right away.

Order Latex Gloves Wholesale From Glove America

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