Quality Disposable Gloves

All of the SureCare disposable gloves manufactured by Glove America fall under one of these categories of material types:

Whether you’re a nurse protecting yourself and your patients, a plumber trying to keep muck off your hands, or a sandwich maker following food safety guidelines, disposable gloves are necessary for promoting good health and sanitation in your line of work.

For cheap disposable gloves of impeccable quality, your business can count on Glove America. We manufacture our own line of SureCare disposable gloves in a variety of materials, sizes, strengths, and colors to suit any application, and we can distribute them to any location in the United States quickly. Here are the most common types of disposable gloves you can buy in bulk from our online store.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are the most common type of disposable glove sold across the globe. They’re comfortable, flexible, and inexpensive to produce, and they offer a high degree of protection from chemicals and biohazards, making them a staple in medical environments and industrial settings, among others. Latex gloves do come with a few downsides, however: They’re not quite as resistant to chemicals or puncturing as nitrile gloves, and they sometimes cause allergic reactions that range in severity from mildly irritating to life-threatening. If anyone at your business has or might have a latex allergy, you’ll need to order other disposable glove types.

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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves have surged in popularity over the last few decades—so much so that they’re currently Glove America’s best sellers. Nitrile gloves have greater puncture resistance than latex gloves and can resist a wider range of harsh chemicals, so they’re a safer choice in medical labs, dentists’ offices, tattoo parlors, and anywhere someone may come into contact with sharp tools or hazardous materials. The same industries that typically prefer latex gloves can switch to nitrile if latex allergies are a concern, although nitrile gloves aren’t quite as comfortable or flexible.

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Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are the cheapest type of disposable glove sold by Glove America. Although they’re great for basic, low-risk applications, they’re less durable than latex and nitrile gloves and don’t offer as much protection from chemicals or biohazards. Vinyl gloves are the best option for food service or light cleaning and janitorial work—buying cheap disposable vinyl gloves in bulk can help businesses in these industries optimize their budgets.

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Chloroprene Gloves

Chloroprene (sometimes called neoprene) exam gloves are a popular and affordable choice among food service professionals, medical professionals, and tattoo artists. They are typically cheaper than nitrile glove styles, and they don’t sacrifice much durability or chemical protection in exchange for the lower price point. Chloroprene gloves are also free of the materials that sometimes cause latex allergies in users.

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Order Disposable Gloves Online From Glove America

Whatever kind of disposable glove your business needs, Glove America is your best solution. You’ll be purchasing our SureCare gloves directly from the manufacturer, which keeps your costs down and reduces the time it takes to receive your shipments. We ship most of our orders on the same day they’re received and complete delivery to locations in the contiguous United States in four days or less (shipments to Hawaii or Alaska may take up to seven days to arrive).

If you have questions about any of our disposable glove products, or if you prefer to place an order over the phone, call 1.800.476.9657—you’ll be connected with a real person if you call anytime during business hours. Otherwise, buy your bulk disposable gloves at our online store.