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    You’ve probably heard the term “PPE” quite a bit recently, but personal protective equipment can refer to more than just face masks and gloves and it’s useful and necessary in a lot of industries and jobs. One type of PPE, a head cover, is commonly used in medical settings, food service, and lab environments, as well as assembly lines. Learn more about the PPE head covers for sale from our online inventory.

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PPE head covers, in the form of bouffant caps, keep your hair from contaminating your operating room, work space, or products. Glove America sells disposable bouffant caps in bulk so your organization can keep your employees, patients, and patrons safe in a convenient and cost-effective way.

What Is a Bouffant Cap?

Bouffant scrub caps are stretchy hair covers often worn by both medical personnel and patients in surgery settings to keep falling hairs from contaminating the area. Similarly, food service workers wear them to keep hair out of your food, and those who work in sterile spaces like science labs use them too. Because of their Polyspun bond construction, bouffant head caps are lightweight, easy to wear for long periods, and effective at keeping your environment free of stray hairs.

Bouffant caps also serve to protect professionals from the materials they’re handling. In some cases, factory workers may handle hazardous materials that give off dust or debris, and it’s necessary to make sure those substances don’t end up in your hair.

Medical bouffant caps are most often worn as part of a protective outfit that includes gloves, eye protection, a disposable lab coat, and a face cover. In some industries, like food service, they may just be paired with gloves and an apron. No matter how and when you wear bouffant caps, you’ll want to make sure you’re using new, clean, quality products.

Where Can I Find a PPE Head Cover for Sale?

It’s necessary for bouffant scrub caps to be disposable so that you know you’re using a clean and effective head cover each time you need one. Because of that, you’ll want to purchase bouffant caps in bulk to make sure your team always has enough at the ready.

Glove America has plenty of medical bouffant cap options in a range of colors and both 21- and 25-inch diameters. We sell all of them in cases of 1,000 individual bouffant caps. If you need head covers for PPE, all you have to do is place your order online and we’ll follow up with fast shipping and quality products.

Why Should I Buy From Glove America?

Our central location in Oklahoma means we can guarantee speedy shipping times to any state in the U.S., so you won’t have to wait more than a few days for your order. While we have long specialized in manufacturing and the disposable gloves that doctors, dentists, law enforcement professionals, and other essential workers rely on, we’re now proud to offer additional PPE items like head covers and sleeves. Our gloves, headgear, and other products meet all FDA standards.

Once you place an order, we typically ship your items within one to two days and can often guarantee delivery within four (it may take a few extra days if you’re based in Alaska or Hawaii). We work hard to keep our shipping costs low, and your bouffant caps will arrive individually packaged.

Buy Head Covers and Other PPE Today

Glove America is committed to protecting those who do the essential work in our society. If you’re a doctor, first responder, surgical or medical technician, food service worker, or maintenance provider, we’ve got you—and your head—covered.