Sanitation/Janitorial/Cleaning Gloves

Sanitation and janitorial workers are the unsung heroes behind the clean and positive experiences we have in the world every day. Places like our offices, banks, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, shopping malls, neighborhoods, and hotels are clean because groups of janitorial and sanitation workers keep them clean.

Glove America is grateful to these more than 2 million essential workers. Making sure they have the best disposable gloves for cleaning is one of our top priorities. You can order quality janitor gloves from our website for an affordable price and receive them anywhere in the United States within a week.

About Cleaning Jobs

Two million people—that’s a lot of human power behind one of our nation’s biggest and most important industries. So, who are the folks who take care of our public spaces? While the janitorial services industry continues to grow, it tends to be made up of small, independently owned companies. This industry includes the companies who contract with corporations or other private businesses to provide office cleaning services so employees can focus on the work they need to do during the day, but it also includes in-home maids, who often work at locally owned companies made up of a handful of cleaning professionals.

Performing a no less essential service for communities are sanitation workers—our trash collectors. These professionals are typically employed by your local county or city. Nearly 60,000 people, mostly men, work in this type of role.

Where Do Janitorial Employees Work?

If you’ve ever admired the sheen of a bank’s marble floor or noticed a pleasant smell in the elevator on your way up to your office, you’re enjoying the output of a hardworking cleaning professional. These workers are employed in almost every business or institution we encounter in our daily lives: restaurants, clinics, hotels, offices, retail stores, churches, and even our own homes. In many cases, they work at night so that other workers and customers aren’t interrupted during the day.

As for sanitation workers, they operate all over! Roaming our roads and neighborhoods on trash pickup day, our sanitation workers are an integral part of our local communities. In fact, it’d be pretty hard to keep our homes clean without them.

From taking out the trash, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, and tidying up to cleaning up larger messes in kitchens and hospitals and providing housekeeping services in hotels, cleaning professionals take on a wide range of responsibilities. No matter what type of jobs they’re doing, though, one thing is for sure, and that’s the importance of janitorial cleaning gloves, or even industrial cleaning gloves.

What Types of Disposable Sanitation Gloves Does Glove America Offer?

No matter what you need, Glove America’s got the right disposable gloves for cleaning. Nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves are ideal materials for janitorial duties. Latex gloves offer great grip while being thick enough to protect your hands from any harsh cleaning chemicals. For those with latex allergies, vinyl is a great nonallergenic option. They’re made to fit snug so you don’t have to sacrifice any dexterity, and they come in a range of sizes.

Why Glove America?

For decades, Glove America has been a top manufacturer and distributor of janitorial gloves and other critical protective equipment. No matter the size or contents of your order, we do our best to guarantee fast shipping times—you can usually expect your order within one to four days. We appreciate the work you do, and when you find yourself in need of a bulk order of disposable cleaning gloves, we’re happy to be the company you turn to.