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A three-box glove dispenser is the perfect addition to medical settings, customer-facing places of business, and even the home. If you’re buying gloves in bulk regularly, a triple glove box dispenser will keep your inventory stocked so you don’t have to worry about running out of gloves at an inconvenient time. Putting a few wall-mounted triple glove dispensers around your facility will help keep spaces sanitary and your staff safe.

Reasons to Use Triple Glove Dispensers

In a fast-paced business, there isn’t time to waste searching for gloves when you need them. To make sure that you know exactly where you can find your gloves, a triple glove box holder is exactly what you need and can accommodate multiple sizes. Box holders keep your work areas tidy and ensure that the gloves are kept away from anything that can possibly contaminate them. Best of all, since three boxes of gloves fit in each dispenser, you’re less likely to run out of gloves when you need them most.

3-Box Glove Dispenser Options

We’ve made it as simple as possible to find a triple glove box holder that will best meet your business’ needs. Our dispensers come in wire, clear plastic, or stainless steel models, so you can choose the one that’s most practical and suitable for your specific business. Industrial aesthetics may call for something like our triple wire glove box holder, while hospitals and restaurants may prefer a more refined look with our plastic or stainless steel dispensers.

Glove America gives you options for both horizontal and vertical triple glove dispenser wall mounts. It won’t be hard to find open, accessible space on your wall where anyone can grab gloves as needed.

Why Choose Glove America?

By selling our gloves in bulk at reduced prices, we make sure you’ll never be short on gloves when you need them most. Putting those disposable gloves in our triple glove box holders will keep your areas tidy, professional, and stocked up all day long. Remember: Disposable gloves should never be worn more than once, so having plenty on hand is incredibly important.

Glove America has been providing high-quality disposable gloves and accessories for the past 20 years. Healthcare, food service, custodial work, and other industries have made us their top choice because of our commitment to quality and consistently great customer service. Check out our selection of glove box holders today to find the dispenser that will make your workspace more efficient.