Glove Dispensers

Glove America sells a variety of high-quality disposable gloves at the most competitive prices on the market. Whether you are looking for vinyl, nitrile, or latex gloves, we have the supplies to accommodate your needs. Since our gloves come in packs ranging from five to 300 gloves, our customers of course need a way to store the gloves before they are used. A glove holder makes it easy to keep gloves in an accessible area and retrieve them quickly when you’re ready to wear them.


Whether you’re using your gloves in a medical setting or elsewhere, glove dispensers are an important accessory to invest in if you’ll be buying gloves in bulk regularly. Glove America’s products come in boxes with perforated openings from which you can remove the gloves. Once you’ve opened the glove box, you can mount it to a wall using our disposable glove holders.

Why Are Glove Dispensers Useful?

If you’re in a setting that requires frequent use of disposable gloves, you need easy access to a new pair at any given moment, and you need to make sure the rest of the gloves stay clean until they’re used. Glove box holders are the perfect place to keep your gloves until you need them. By storing your gloves in one of our wall-mounted glove dispensers, you’ll always know exactly where they are.

Glove Holder Options Available at Glove America

Our disposable glove box dispensers are available in a variety of sizes and materials. You can choose between glove dispensers made from wire, clear plastic, or stainless steel. Each of these offers different benefits, such as visibility with the wire and clear plastic cases and easy cleaning with the clear plastic and stainless steel glove holders.

You can also choose between a vertical or horizontal glove box holder, depending on how much wall space you have to mount the holder. Lastly, we offer single, double, triple, and quad dispensers, making it possible for you to mount anywhere from one to four separate glove boxes at the same spot on the wall.

Why Choose Glove America?

Glove America offers high-quality disposable gloves and accessories for the most competitive prices on the market. Our products have been a popular choice among professionals in healthcare, food service, custodial work, and other industries for the past 20 years.

We make it a priority to sell our gloves in bulk at reduced prices to ensure that you have as many gloves on hand (no pun intended) as you need at all times. If you’re buying gloves from Glove America, it’s an excellent idea to also buy glove dispensers that can hold the boxes your gloves will be delivered and kept in. Be sure to check out our selection of glove dispensers for our latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves to ensure that you and your team will have convenient access to clean gloves all day long.