Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is safety gear worn by individuals who work where harmful chemicals or materials are present or where preventing contamination is a top priority. While we mostly think of medical PPE, a number of industries rely on PPE gloves and equipment to make their jobs safe.

Glove America has several types of PPE in stock at our online store. Learn more about the different workers who depend on these items, then check out the personal protective equipment for sale from our selection.

Industries That Depend on PPE Equipment

There are numerous ways to go about keeping ourselves and our workspaces safe from contaminants. Gloves and face masks are incredibly important and common in most medical exam settings, while surgical caps, gowns, and eye protection are seen most often in operating rooms and science labs.

For those outside of healthcare, potential risks may come not from germs, but hazardous materials or objects. Workers in the auto and manufacturing industries often rely on heavy-duty PPE gloves and sleeves to keep their hands and arms safe from sharp objects. Nitrile gloves are thick, synthetic rubber gloves used for cleaning or handling harsh chemicals. They’re used in a variety of settings for their protective qualities.


Perhaps the industry with the most PPE in stock in its storerooms is the healthcare industry. With 22 million workers contributing to the care of patients in the U.S. alone, from doctors and nurses to skilled technicians, orderlies, and various practitioners, it’s no wonder healthcare administrators and medical PPE suppliers are close partners. As a longtime PPE gloves manufacturer, we’re proud to keep our healthcare workers and patients safe by offering direct-from-the-source PPE gloves for sale.

Mechanics, Automotive, and Manufacturing

These industries cover a broad range of jobs, from your local auto mechanic to assembly line and production workers tasked with manufacturing the things we use every day, like cars, microchips, and electronics. While they may not all need surgical bouffant caps or protective eyewear, some types of PPE are commonplace in shops and factories—particularly protective gloves. In our online PPE store, we have the puncture-resistant sleeves, gloves, and other safety equipment our industry workers need to keep going.

Clean Rooms, Testing Labs, and Product Development

Clean rooms are designated sterile rooms that follow rigorous safety procedures to make sure the items produced there don’t come into contact with any contaminants. Primarily used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, electronics, and medical equipment, clean rooms require PPE like gloves, head and beard covers, gowns, and other disposable items. Many scientists perform their lab work in clean rooms as well so they can always be sure results aren’t skewed by everyday contaminants like dust or skin flakes. In spaces where this important work is being done, Glove America is there, doing our part to keep important products safe, clean, and contaminant-free.

Why Glove America?

We’ve been a manufacturer of disposable PPE gloves for decades, and we’re proud to continue to build on our catalog of personal equipment for sale, now offering protective sleeves, surgical caps, and more. Our central location in Oklahoma allows us to guarantee fast shipping times within the lower 48 states, and our top-level staff makes sure our customers always get what they need when they need it. Keeping American workers and those who rely on them safe is our top priority, and we thank you for putting your trust in Glove America.