What Are Blue Nitrile Gloves Used For?

What are blue nitrile gloves used for? You have likely seen your health care provider wear these gloves during an exam. While healthcare workers often do wear blue nitrile gloves, healthcare is not the only industry that depends on these gloves to keep their hands safe.

Working With Hair Chemicals

You may also notice that your hairdresser wears blue nitrile gloves at the salon. What are blue nitrile gloves used for at the salon? Well, they are used to protect the hairdresser’s hands from hair chemicals like dies and perm solutions. These chemicals not only make a mess but could also leave the hairdresser’s hands feeling irritated.

Preventing Food Contamination

Food industry workers use gloves such as blue nitrile gloves to keep the public safe from food contamination. According to Tri-County Health Care, about one out of every five people do not wash their hands as they should. Further, only 30% of people wash their hands use soap. It is simply not realistic to rely on people to follow proper hygiene all the time. This is why blue nitrile gloves are crucial to preventing contaminants’ spread. Food industry workers that wear gloves are taking the necessary precautions to protect the public.

Working On Vehicles

Mechanics will often take safety precautions by wearing gloves to protect their hands from chemicals and petroleum-based products. These chemicals are often irritants. Oils and fluids that are used in cars can be highly toxic. Some may even be corrosive, which makes them dangerous to exposed skin. On top of that, these gloves also help to keep fingerprints and smudges off your vehicle.

As you can imagine, it is essential that anyone working on cars wear gloves to protect themselves. Fluids that are used in vehicles can cause staining and, more importantly, can be absorbed through the skin. Blue nitrile gloves can help to provide protection.

Blue Nitrile Gloves Are For Anyone That Wants Protection

Did you know that about 60% of the things that touch your skin are absorbed into your skin? Protecting your hands from chemicals and other solvents is essential. High-quality blue nitrile gloves can help to reduce exposure to germs, infections, chemicals, and more. Any time you want to protect your hands, blue nitrile gloves can help. Order some high-quality blue nitrile gloves from Glove America today!