Dipped Work Gloves

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Why Are Coated Gloves Useful?

Dipping a work glove provides increased abrasion resistance, more protection from liquids, and extra durability. This recent innovation in glove design gives workers a more durable version of the classic work glove. Dipping levels range from partial dips to the entire glove. Most coated gloves come single-dipped, but they can be double-dipped by allowing the first layer of coating to dry before dipping them again.

This technique also repels oil and moisture, making dipped work gloves an excellent choice for those dirtier jobs. Mud, dirt, oil, and chemicals won’t penetrate the coating, which keeps your hands safe and dry. Everything from gardening to auto repair can be improved with a pair of dipped gloves. Changing the oil on your car? Nitrile-dipped work gloves will help you get the job done cleanly. Working with lumber? The coatings will prevent splinters and puncture injuries.

Dipping a glove makes it more durable and protective without weighing it down too heavily. Typically, gloves are dipped in polyurethane, nitrile, latex, or rubber. Each substance provides different benefits and drawbacks. For example, nitrile-coated gloves provide excellent protection against abrasions but less grip than latex-coated work gloves.

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