13 Mil Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are essential for protecting people, products, and food in professional, medical, and residential environments all over the planet. Doctors and nurses, mechanics, janitors, scientists, bakers, and tattoo artists all depend on disposable gloves to do their jobs properly—of course, not every type of glove is right for every type of work.

Next to the kind of material a disposable glove is made from, thickness might be the most important factor in defining a glove’s capabilities. Glove America manufactures and sells our line of SureCare gloves in a variety of thickness levels, including 13 mil. Learn more about the 13 mil latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves for sale from our online store and the reasons why you’d want to order them.

What Are 13 Mil Gloves Used For?

Thirteen mil gloves are some of the thickest disposable gloves available. They offer a high level of resistance to punctures and abrasions, making them great for construction or repair jobs that might expose the hands to tough surfaces or sharp objects. They’re also highly resistant to biohazards and chemicals that can harm the skin. If you work in a medical environment or a science lab, or you work with industrial-strength cleaning fluids, 13 mil disposable gloves will keep your hands safe.

If 13 mil gloves have one drawback, it’s that the thick material restricts movement more than lighter gloves. You probably don’t want 13 mil disposable gloves if you’re doing work that requires a lot of precision or you need to make quick, dexterous finger movements.

Types of 13 Mil Gloves

Now that you’ve decided to go with the 13 mil gloves, you need to figure out which glove material is best for your situation. Here are some differences between latex, vinyl, and nitrile 13 mil gloves and what they are ideal for.

Latex is the most popular material for disposable gloves in general. Latex is both durable and flexible (although as we mentioned, 13 mil gloves are less flexible anyway), but the prominence of latex allergies means not everyone in your environment will be able to wear or be touched by them.

If 13 mil latex gloves aren’t right for you, using 13 mil nitrile gloves could be the way to go. Nitrile gloves are made with a synthetic rubber material and are better at shielding the skin from chemicals. The 13 mil nitrile gloves for sale from Glove America are slightly more expensive than other glove types, but you can offset the extra cost by ordering them in bulk.

13 mil vinyl gloves are the lightest of the three main gloves products, but at 13 mils, they’ll still be plenty thick. You can use thick vinyl gloves in medical environments to increase your protection against germs and bacteria—however, other glove types are better for handling chemicals or extremely hazardous substances.

Why Order 13 Mil Disposable Gloves From Glove America?

When you order 13 mil gloves from Glove America, you’re ordering directly from the manufacturer. We take pride in the relationships we’ve made with businesses across the country, and we consider it an honor to serve our customers.

If you’re looking to stock up on gloves for your team without paying premium prices, look no further than Glove America. When you need to order 13 mil latex, nitrile, or vinyl disposable gloves in bulk, our reliable service team will do everything we can to ensure that you get quality products for the best prices possible.