Mechanics Grain Goatskin Glove

Goatskin is often referred to as nature's stongest leather. It has very high tensile-strength and abrasion-resistance properties, yet is lightweight and very soft. Because of this high strength-to-weight ratio, Grain Goatskin mechanics gloves are much tougher and more durable then their suppleness leads you to think.

Grain Goatskin palms conform to your hand while providing excellent abrasion protection. They have to be tried to be believed! Stretch-nylon backs are cushioned for greater resistance to impact and abrasion, and allow full freedom of movement. Wide-band elastic cuffs feature adjustable Velcro closures to keep glove snugly in place. Gloves are shaped ergonomically to reduce fatigue and deliver all-day comfort. Great protection and style, all without having to give up dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

NOTE: Dry-cleaning recommended, but can be washed in lukewarm water with a very mild detergent for fine washables. Add a capful of hair conditioner to rinse water to restore suppleness of leather. Hang Dry

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