Some jobs just can’t be done without a proper pair of work gloves (also known as utility gloves). Whether you’re working in harsh weather conditions, handling temperature-sensitive materials, or need to wear gloves to make sure your hands don’t get injured by dangerous machinery, it’s important to invest in high-quality safety work gloves that can fit your needs. Glove America has a variety of work gloves for sale online that will help you do your best work comfortably and confidently. If you’re trying to equip your entire staff, you can get quality work gloves for cheap with a bulk order. Learn more about the different types of safety work gloves we have for sale.

Mechanics Work Gloves

Our mechanics work gloves are designed with tough but supple materials that adapt to your movements while working. Consider the following mechanics work glove options:

  • Our mechanics grain goatskin gloves are made with durable, protective leather padding. Despite their thick material, these gloves are lightweight and breathable.
  • Our mechanics anti-impact velcro gloves are designed with velcro strips, which ensures a no-slip grip on whatever tool or product you’re working with.
  • Finally, our standard mechanic gloves—available in both black and blue—are made from synthetic leather. They’re water-repellant, quick to dry, and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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Leather Work Gloves

Leather work gloves are a smart option for workers who are operating sharp machinery, using welding tools, or performing other tasks that could potentially harm the hands and wrists. Our leather gloves are made from cowhide, a durable and tough material that is resistant to both cutting and heat. They are also lined on the inside to provide extra protection against harmful elements. These utility gloves are essential for workers using high-risk tools.

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Dipped Work Gloves

Dipped work gloves are knitted gloves that have been coated in materials like nitrile and latex to enhance their protective capabilities.

  • Nitrile foam-coated gloves are more resistant to punctures and cuts.
  • Latex-coated gloves ensure that items held by workers don’t slip from their grip.
  • Cut-resistant stainless steel foamed nitrile-coated gloves are made from a combination of nylon and stainless steel wire, then dipped in nitrile for extra protection against cuts.
  • Cut-resistant Dyneema-coated gloves are dipped in one of the strongest substances possible, offering superior protection against cuts without losing any flexibility.
  • Finally, our knit latex-coated layered palm gloves are made with string knit and coated with orange latex on the palms. These are the most versatile of the dipped work gloves that we offer, and they’re suitable for most lower-risk situations.

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Buy Work Gloves in Bulk

All of the work gloves we have for sale online can be ordered in bulk. Ordering all the gloves you’ll need at once means you’ll only have to pay one shipping fee, and your team will always have a steady supply on hand, preventing any delays in your operations.

All in all, Glove America offers the best bang for your buck—we have high-quality work gloves for cheap prices, with large inventories and quick delivery. Check out our selection today to get the perfect safety work gloves for an affordable cost.