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Disposable Glove Types We Offer

We call ourselves Glove America for a reason. We provide a¬†wide variety of disposable gloves¬†from our product line ‚ÄĒ SureCare ‚ÄĒ for an affordable price, whether you need a box for deep cleaning at home or a whole case for your health care facility’s inventory. Whatever material you need, we are sure to have it, including:

Other PPE and Accessories

While we are primarily a disposable glove manufacturer, we also offer a wide variety of other PPE options and accessories for your safety and protection. Check out some of the products that truly make us a one-stop PPE shop:

  • Work gloves:¬†If your job requires harsh material handling, it’s worth investing in quality PPE,¬†such as our work gloves.¬†Our gloves have cut resistance ratings of ANSI Level 2 and up, ensuring your hands are protected on the job.¬†Stay safe at your next job site with our mechanics gloves, leather gloves or dipped gloves.
  • Headgear:¬†From the operating room to the cafeteria, workers require headgear to keep their surroundings free from stray hairs. Glove America¬†sells hairnets¬†to complete your PPE getup.
  • Sleeves:¬†When used with a pair of disposable gloves, our protective sleeves¬†will keep your forearms and the whole area¬†above your elbow covered¬†and safe around sharp objects or from chemical splashes.
  • Dispensers:¬†Have a lot of gloves but don’t know where to store them? We’ve been there, which is why we¬†offer glove dispensers¬†to hold one, two or three boxes of gloves. These dispensers can be hung on the wall for easy access when you need them most.¬†They can also help you control the amount of gloves you need instead of constantly grabbing more than intended.

Why Choose Glove America?

Glove America is dedicated to quality PPE, helping your company increase its personal protection and overall efficiency. We serve various industries that all have the same goal ‚ÄĒ keeping their employees and customers safe.

As a direct manufacturer of SureCare gloves, we know the steps and materials needed to create the product we sell. On top of our experience and knowledge, we keep our prices competitive and processing time to an all-time low. We are the only competitor in the online retail glove market that can get your order to you within days, as our products are always in stock and ready to ship.

Place Your Personal Protective Equipment Order Today

Glove America is based in the center of the U.S., allowing our products to reach any of the mainland 48 states within one to four days. If you’re ready to take the next step toward unparalleled safety, place a glove or general PPE order, or¬†contact us with any questions¬†today!