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Why Are 4-Box Glove Dispensers Useful?

No matter if you’re in food service, medicine, pharmaceuticals, or another environment where gloves are commonly used, it’s important to make sure every glove stays clean until you’re ready to wear it. Having specific storage areas for your gloves of various sizes will keep them safe from contamination. A quadruple glove box holder will help you breathe easy knowing that your high-traffic areas are fully stocked with sanitary disposable gloves for your staff.

Our quadruple box glove dispensers are designed to hold four boxes of gloves each, which is perfect for a place such as a hospital or high-volume restaurant where gloves are consistently being changed throughout the day. Glove boxes can be easily slid into and out of a dispenser, so removing old boxes and adding new ones takes just a few seconds.

4-Box Glove Holder Options

Glove America sells quadruple glove box dispensers in a variety of materials, like plastic, stainless steel, paint-coated wire, and white metal. Cleanliness is always top of mind for us, so all of our dispensers are easy to wipe down, keeping your sterile environments safe.

Our glove box dispenser designs are created with all industries in mind, and a variety of aesthetics are accounted for. If you’re a restaurant or a hospital, a stainless steel or plastic holder may be right for you. Industrial settings may call for more a paint-coated wire or white metal look. In addition to their different materials, our quadruple glove box holders come in both vertical and horizontal positions, making it easier to find the perfect spot on your wall to mount them on.

Why Choose Glove America?

Disposable gloves and quadruple glove box holders are available at the best rates on the market through Glove America. Remember that disposable gloves should never be used more than once. Having a sufficient amount of gloves on hand for you and your staff is important for the safety of your workers and customers alike, and with that in mind, we offer our gloves in bulk at discounted prices to make sure your workplace can stay clean. Look through our selection of glove box holders today to find the dispenser that will make your workspace more efficient.