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Why Are Double Glove Box Dispensers Useful?

Glove America sells disposable gloves in packs ranging from five to 300 gloves, so our customers of course need somewhere accessible to store them in large quantities and of various sizes. The boxes that we sell our gloves in are designed with a perforated opening at the top of the box, offering an easy outlet for a worker to grab a new pair of gloves from.

To make use of a double glove box dispenser, mount it to the wall and slide the glove boxes inside. Being able to store two glove boxes in one dispenser is useful if you have two different types of gloves in the same room—for example, you can store nitrile gloves in one part of the holder and vinyl gloves in the other (just make sure to label each section clearly).

Double Glove Box Holder Options

Our double box glove holders are available for affordable prices and made from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, coated wire, plastic, and white metal. The clear plastic dispensers offer full visibility, while steel cases make it harder to notice smudges. Any of our double glove dispensers will fit right into a professional setting like a medical facility, restaurant, tattoo parlor, or factory.

With a double glove box dispenser, you can store two boxes of gloves at a time instead of only one, which is useful if you need to have a larger number of gloves constantly available. While double box glove holders offer more storage than a single holder, they’re still on the small side and don’t take up too much wall space. Our double glove dispensers are also available in both vertical and horizontal models, so you can choose accordingly depending on your open wall space.

Why Choose Glove America?

Glove America has been a reliable source of disposable gloves for the healthcare industry, the food service industry, and other professions for the past 20 years. Since each pair of disposable gloves should only be used one time, we make it a priority to sell our products in bulk so that our customers do not run out of supplies quickly.

Gloves from Glove America are made from high-quality materials, and they’re available for sale at the most competitive prices on the market. Whether you’re looking for storage for vinyl, latex, or nitrile gloves, we’ve got a great selection of double glove box holders to fit your workspace. Purchase disposable glove box dispensers now to make sure that you can keep your environment organized and that your employees will always have quick and easy access to their gloves.