9 Mil Disposable Gloves

Using personal protective equipment is crucial to maintaining safety at workplaces or at home. Disposable gloves are one type of PPE used in the medical, sanitation, and automotive repair industries, among many others, to keep the worksite clean and sterile while also keeping professionals’ hands safe from harmful bacteria or substances.

Glove America is a leading supplier of disposable gloves of all types, sizes, and thicknesses, including 9 mil gloves. If you need a thicker-than-average glove to protect yourself from harsh chemicals or puncture wounds, 9 mil disposable gloves are an excellent choice. We sell 9 mil latex and nitrile gloves in bulk so you can maintain a steady supply of thick disposable gloves while keeping costs down.

Why 9 Mil Gloves?

Thicker gloves mean increased durability and more protection. Nine mil disposable gloves are useful when you are working with abrasive materials or harmful chemicals and you’re willing to sacrifice some flexibility and precision for greater defense. You may not want 9 mil gloves when you’re working on really minute, delicate tasks, and they aren’t necessary for light work like food prep, but you’ll be glad to have hardy 9 mil nitrile or latex gloves if you’ll be handling sharp objects or chemical substance that could burn your skin.

Types of 9 Mil Gloves

There are a variety of materials used to make 9 mil disposable gloves, and each material is best suited for certain kinds of tasks. Nine mil latex gloves are some of the most commonly ordered disposable glove products. Latex offers solid protection, a comfortable fit, and good flexibility. Despite all of latex’s virtues, it has been known to cause allergic reactions that can manifest as anything from skin irritation to more serious health conditions.

Nitrile 9 mil gloves are a popular choice as well. These gloves are flexible, strong, and durable—much like their latex counterparts, but without the risk of causing a latex allergy. Glove America sells 9 mil nitrile gloves in a variety of sizes: small and medium 9 mil nitrile gloves, large 9 mil nitrile gloves, and XL 9 mil nitrile gloves. Regardless of how big or small your hands are, we won’t let them go unprotected.

Order 9 Mil Gloves From Glove America

Glove America prides itself on taking care of the essential workers in every industry throughout the country. We manufacture our own line of SureCare gloves, so we’re always able to maintain a steady supply, and we can set our own low prices. Our central location in the United States means that we’re able to ship 9 mil disposable gloves anywhere from coast to coast in a week or less.

Whether you need an XL set of 9 mil nitrile gloves for your crew in the body shop or your lab needs to stock up on 9 mil latex gloves before you begin your next great experiment, Glove America has you (and your hands) covered.