5 Mil Disposable Gloves

Using personal protective equipment is one of the best ways to keep your hands safe during any job. Doctors, custodians, and mechanics all use disposable gloves to keep their environment sterile and their hands safe from harmful substances.

Glove America is dedicated to providing these essential workers with the proper attire needed to complete any hands-on task successfully. Not all disposable gloves are suited for every profession, though—there are different materials and different levels of thickness to consider. Let’s go over 5 mil disposable gloves and the situations they work best for.

What Are 5 Mil Gloves Used For?

While 5 mil disposable gloves aren’t nearly as thick as some industrial disposable gloves, they are still thicker and more resilient than a standard 4 mil medical exam glove. The difference isn’t huge, but it is noticeable— thicker gloves are stronger and less penetrable, but they sacrifice some flexibility.

Doctors are still able to use 5 mil gloves, though a dentist, for instance, may seek a glove that allows them to be more nimble. This is why 5 mil gloves are typically used by those working in automotive shops or places where chemicals have a higher chance of coming into contact with your glove. Five mil disposable gloves have a longer breakthrough time (the time it takes for a chemical to render a glove unusable).

Types of 5 Mil Gloves

Five mil disposable gloves are used in a wide variety of industries, but some jobs require specific glove materials. We’ll start with 5 mil latex gloves—these are advantageous when it comes to comfort and dexterity. Latex 5 mil disposable gloves offer the user a snug but comfortable fit that still allows for working on precise, minute tasks. One disadvantage of latex is the potential risk of developing an allergic reaction to the material, which leads us to our next glove type: 5 mil nitrile gloves

Often bought in bulk, 5 mil nitrile gloves are the most durable and therefore the most commonly used by mechanics and industrial workers. Nitrile gloves boast a superior chemical resistance, and 5 mil powder-free nitrile gloves hold up even stronger than other materials against oils, fuels, solvents, heavy-duty cleaners, and transmission fluids, to name a few substances. Five mil nitrile powder-free gloves also help reduce latex allergies, whereas the powder in latex gloves acts as an airborne carrier of latex proteins.

Vinyl gloves are the most economical option, which makes them the ideal choice for industries like food service where employees will be changing gloves frequently and not interacting with anything harmful. Vinyl 5 mil gloves are loose-fitting and easy to put on and take off.]

Why Order 5 Mil Gloves From Glove America?

Glove America prides itself on taking care of the essential workers in every industry throughout the country. We manufacture our own line of SureCare gloves, so we’re always able to maintain a steady supply, and we can set our own low prices. Our central location in the United States means that we’re able to ship 5 mil gloves anywhere from coast to coast in a week or less.

Whether you need an XL set of 5 mil nitrile gloves for your crew in the body shop or your cafe needs to stock up on 5 mil vinyl gloves for the busy season, Glove America has you (and your hands) covered.